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Data Center Solution

Business information

Defog will continue to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for IT enclosures and to making our customers more convenient and valuable.

  • Data center solutions
    Data centers began in the form of computer rooms in the 1990s during the dot-com bubble era in the late 1990s, and later developed into IDC businesses as the number of companies increased. In recent years, with modern IDC operations and specialization, the services of cloud technologies have become a hot topic, and many technologies have expanded significantly into servers and various methods.
  • Information and communication solutions
    Information and communication equipment for the exponentially increasing use of high-speed communication networks, large-capacity signals, and subsequent massive data transmission; large-capacity UTP cable, Cat5, required for the stable operation of important networks corresponding to the nerves of the human body connecting these infrastructures , Cat6, Cat7, etc., various demands are increasing depending on the usage environment.
  • industrial solutions
    The industrial enclosure solution is a technology that combines Defog's long experience and know-how, and is a system that ensures active performance in protecting and controlling equipment operated indoors and outdoors in industrial environmental facilities.
  • Earthquake Response Solutions
    Our data and network systems are no exception to the earthquake damage that has been increasing around the world in recent years. Defog's earthquake response solutions provide a variety of earthquake resistance, vibration isolation, and seismic isolation solutions that reduce the risk of equipment damage in the event of an earthquake and protect customers' important information. Defog will take the lead in developing various technologies to deliver customer satisfaction by proactively providing customer requirements for special enclosure functions.
  • Defense industry solutions
    The defense industry solution is the best technology-intensive enclosure solution that applies the technology and know-how accumulated by Defog and is concentrating its capabilities to contribute to improving the quality of the defense industry for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Designed with the worst combat environment in mind, it is a perfect combat enclosure solution that was certified to the US Department of Defense military standards for the first time in Korea and deployed in practice.