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IT Solution

Tmax Tibero DBMS

  • Tibero 7
    Unlimited on-premise and cloud environments user-customized, high-performance DBMS customized operation according to the company's business environment optimized work in all environments with structural support
  • Service
    Cloud-optimized DBMS, differentiated performance and introduction benefits, customer-centered technical support service
  • Technology
    Provides high availability technology, supports core DB functions for high performance, and improves stability with enhanced data protection functions.
  • High availability
    1. TAC

      Parallel Remastering

    2. TSC

      Enopashot Standby*

      Cascode Standby*

      Multi-Node Standby*

  • High performance
    1. Improved SQL performance

      In-Memory Column Store*

      AIO* through separate log writer

    2. Compression

      OLTP Compression*

      Index Prefix Compression*

    3. TAS

      TAS Disk Resize*

      TAS Disk Repair Timer*

  • Stability
    1. encryption

      HSM support*

    2. Access Control & Authentication

      Label Security*

      Cascode Standby*

      Fine-Grained Audifing*

    3. Backup/Recovery & Conformity Verification

      Flashback Database*

      TAS Meta data suitability verification*

  • Compatibility
    1. Data Type


      Spatial Data*

  • On-Premise
    • Optimization of core business and sensitive data business
    • Familiar operating environment and easy transition
    • Providing stable operation services through in-house technical support
    • Provides integration with various 3rd party solutions
  • On-Cloud
    • Optimize your business with low adoption costs
    • Easy to build IT infrastructure quickly through flexible structural design
    • Ongoing R&D collaboration and CSP technology support
    • Easy to expand and develop new technologies as system size increases