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Data Center Solution

DEEPGadget®’s efficient cooling system is different from conventional cooling systems.

  • DG4R

    Cooling System
  • Regular Custom

    Cooling System

Equipped with a world-class dual-pump cooling system, preventing GPU throttling problems due to heat generation and extending lifespan.

DEEPGadet always maintains 100% performance
General GPU server throttling (performance degradation)
Even if the GPU is used at its maximum, the temperature remains around 60℃, so GPU performance does not deteriorate.
General GPU server
As the GPU temperature rises to 80~90℃, the GPU operating clock automatically drops and performance decreases.

Optimized Air Flow cools the server from front to back

  • ManyCoreSoft water cooling provides the best performance by cooling each component independently.
  • General custom water cooling is an inefficient cooling system in which heat continues to accumulate.
  • Hot
  • coolant condition
  • Cold

Maintains low temperatures even during tasks requiring high specifications. Unlike regular custom water cooling systems, DEEPGadget® cools each component independently, preventing heat build-up and cooling all components individually to provide the best performance of each component.

World-class adaptive water cooling system

DEEP Gadget adaptively controls the water cooling system by constantly checking system usage and temperature. If your system is doing light work, it will run quieter.