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IT Solution

Network security solution for public housing IEUMNET
One-way communication, which is a feature of the network connection solution product, has the effect of cutting off the outside world, and only registered devices register and communicate with the policy, thereby blocking the source of external hacking.
  • The amendment to Article 14, Paragraph 2 of the “Installation and Technology Standards for Intelligent Home Network Equipment” in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Act/Housing Construction Standards, etc. will be effective from July 2022.
  • By applying the IEUMnet solution to residential facilities that require network security of public housing, physical network separation is more reliable than logical network separation.

Network separation of apartments by household

Government mandates wall pad network separation between households in apartments
In the Intelligent Home Network Equipment Installation and Technology Standards, a notice on home IoT (Internet of Things) security issued by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, network separation between households is mandatory and will be implemented from July 1, 2022.

Damage cases

  • Recently, apartment complex wall pads were hacked, door locks were opened and the interior of the house was filmed and recorded in real time, and private videos were traded on dark web sites.
  • Ministry of Science and ICT promotes mandatory multi-family housing for 30 or more households with revision within the year and implementation goal next year
  • In case of hacking, other products are also at risk. Industry is paying close attention to construction and maintenance costs.

Introduction to joint product equipment

  • Products certified by the National Intelligence Service, a national agency
    (National Intelligence Service CC certified products)
  • Network separation effect through one-way communication
  • Encrypted communication between center equipment and agent equipment
  • Only registered IoT devices communicate Preliminary blocking of other intruding devices
  • Development of the world's only communication protocol rather than general TCP/IP communication
  • Equipped with certified products and virus engines introduced by many national organizations
    Center equipment
    Agent equipment by generation

Characteristics of IEUMnet

IEUMnet's characteristic is that it disconnects from the outside world through one-way communication, so it is possible to block the source of external hacking by registering only registered devices in the policy without TCP/IP communication