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Data Center Solution


  1. 01
    NAS & Object Storage
    • High-performance all-flash NAS and Object Storage
  2. 02
    Big Catalog
    • Use the file system like a database
    • (Standard SQL Search)
  3. 03
    NAS & Object Storage
    • High-performance database for big data
    • (100x improvement in complex query performance)

The VAST Advantage

  • Architecture
    All-flash at archive cost
    Unparalleled resilience and scalability
    AI-Ready differentiated architecture
  • Consumption
    Separate HW and SW purchases
    10-year HW warranty
    Lifetime use without migration
  • Support
    Close support from dedicated Level 3
    Co-Pilot engineers
  • Engagement
    Discovery Methodology
    Provides a powerful financial model

Shared Nothing VS. VAST DASE

  • Shared Nothing
    • Controller and enclosure integrated (Hyperconverged)
    • All node configurations must be identical
    • Excessive communication between nodes is required due to Shared Nothing structure
    • Rebuild is required in case of node failure
    • Storage overhead of 20% or more
    • Controller and enclosure separated (Disaggregated)
    • Node configurations can be different (nodes of different generations also have a single namespace configuration)
    • No need for communication between nodes due to Shared Everything structure
    • No rebuild required in case of node failure
    • Storage overhead 2.7%

High-Performance AI & BIG DATA + Eco-Friendly + Highest Level of Efficiency

  • Lowest storage power consumption
  • smallest amount of e-waste
  • High-Performance AI & BIG DATA Optimization
  • Archive-level economics